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Tréningy v Martine

Termíny tréningov v Martine a Banskej Bystrici

30.1. 2012 (pondelok) 18:40-19:40

13.2. 2012 (pondelok) 18:40-19:40

20.2. 2012 (pondelok) 18:40-19:40

27.2. 2012 (pondelok) 18:40-19:40

5.3. 2012 (pondelok) 18:30-19:30

12.3. 2012 (pondelok) 18:40-19:40

19.3. 2012 (pondelok) 18:40-19:40

2.1. 2013 (streda) 20:00-21:00 (BYSTRICA)

3.1. 2013 (štvrtok) 07:00-08:00 (BYSTRICA)

4.1. 2013 (piatok) 19:45-20:45 (MARTIN)

5.1. 2013 (sobota) 07:00-08:45 (MARTIN)



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How many girls play ringette in Slovkia?

(Steve Zanon, 26. 4. 2013 19:50)

How many girls are playing and is the sport growing?

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Re: How many girls play ringette in Slovkia?

(Jana Habánová, 29. 4. 2013 16:02)

Hi Steve. There is very small group of ringette players - maybe 30 or so all over the Slovakia (mainly in Martin, Banská Bystrica and Žilina). We practise mostly at the beginning of the season and participate at the Ringette Challenge Cup in Prague every Summer for the last 7 years. We cooperate with Lucie Anne Ingoldsby from Canada and also with Miia Railio and Sini Forsblom from Finland. They are helping us with growing this great sport here in Slovakia. We applied for "Youth in action - project" fund (some kind of grant here in Europe) and we are planning to go to Finland for some training camp, if it will work...
Who are you? Are you working in ringette in Canada?

Thank you for your interest.